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Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in Makeup, Footwear, Accessories and Clothing while it is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. That is to say Fashion is your personal style. The way you choose what’s going to match with your favorite pants or blouse. You may not know it, but we each have our own sense of fashion. It’s soft, free and colorful.

If 200 people wore the same type of dress, it wouldn’t look the same on every one. Depending on your style and your color, you might wear the yellow, the blue or the purple. You will make the dress sparkle because it is your style, your fashion. Your wardrobe is only as good as the sum of its parts. Which means any part of it goes well together. Here are some things you want to have in your closet so as not to be outdated.

  • Must have a beige, nude or bone pair of shoes. It matches everything and it makes your legs look longer.

  • A Pair of Black Pumps, you can’t go wrong with for your jeans and white shirt combination.

  • For the uncomfortable days, you need Black Flats, Shoes that is, to keep you from the pressure of the stilettos.

  • A Leather Jacket is an investment. You can wear it when it’s cold or when you’re feeling young. There is no better time for it.

  • Cashmere Sweater, treated well it will last you a lifetime. It keeps you warm and feels soft. You can layer it with T-shirts.

  • White Shirt is a staple for your wardrobe. It seems like you couldn’t wear anything else with your blue jeans.

  • Striped Shirt will go with just about anything you’ll wear.

  • A Silk Blouse is beautiful on a skirt or paired with your favorite slacks or jeans.

  • A Tailored Blazer that fits well makes you look and feel smart. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one just one that you’ll wear to interviews or meetings.

  • Dark Denim when you want to change how you look. Being casual or understated there is a time for that. Dress them up with a silk shirt or black pumps.

  • The little Black dress for the times you don’t know what to wear or the times you do.

  • A Leather Bag just big enough to fit over your shoulder or to match your shoes. A neutral color will work better or black if you can’t choose.

  • These are essential to having a well-rounded wardrobe. If you have those you can go anywhere.

Wherever you’re traveling these are to make you feel important. You know, each piece gives you that confidence you get when you strut in front of a mirror. You wear it well because it’s your fashion, your style. There is no reason for you to worry, let them look. You feel good in your skin in your own fashion.

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