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This is one of the most important responsibilities one can take. There is no training for “How to be a parent?” Nothing teaches you how to deal with the stress. You find yourself praying you will do the right thing. Do you have the means of keeping them from arguing or preventing a fight. Are you able to keep them from sulking no matter how old they become. The secret is not magic.

It is not enough to have a child you must be ready to take responsibility for that child. Think of the things that it will need before it’s grown. Food, until they get a job. Clothing, until they get a paying job. Wisdom to not waste the money they make on clothing alone. It’s not an easy thing. There are times you want to kill him. This child of yours who has been the love of your life since he was born is defying you. How do you deal with the anguish?

The secret is love. Everything you do for him. Everything you share with him must come from love. Find a reason to talk to him. From a young age read to him and go over his day with him. When he gets older he will make this a routine. He will be a better person. There are a number of dead-beat dads and fake mom’s out there. But it’s not you. You’re doing the best you can. You pray that your child becomes a responsible and happy adult.

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