Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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A trip to the hairdresser can prove to be as disastrous as placing your head into a Formula One aerodynamic wind tunnel, or as glamorous as a Hollywood red carpet event, because whether you walk out of the salon feeling like Paris Hilton or like Ugly Betty, rests solely in the hands of one capable or otherwise chronically inept stylist. Simply booking an appointment at one of the many salons you have experimented with in the extensive search for the perfect do, will most likely make you prey to a sense of anxiety parallel to that of trying to squeeze your curves into a teensy-weensy cocktail dress. You friends will swear on their children’s lives that you look fabulous, but only the reflection staring back at in the mirror can determine how you feel.

There is no denying it. We all have that one look, the one and only look that tells us the universe of our appearance is in perfect alignment, and when that perfection is tampered with in the slightest of details, we become a force to be reckoned with. Much like our hair, our choices in wardrobe, make-up and accessories define our sense of self. Yes, it sounds shallow but the truth of the matter is that impressions really do count. A perfect stranger may never notice a slight asymmetry in our new haircut, but our awareness and discomfort about it will influence the way we interact with him or her. Our altered mind-set and sense of self will interfere with our behavior because we suddenly find ourselves out of our comfort zone. By stepping away from the role that best suits our confidence, we end up feeling as if we were walking down the street wearing nothing but our panties.

We convince ourselves that the eyes of the world are burning through our skin, as if everyone around us were staring at that single yet unnoticeable imperfection that has thrown us completely off balance. In moments like these it may become very hard to remember that feeling of self-acceptance we carry with us on most days; the same one that, accompanied by a good dose of reason, brings us back to earth to reminds us that the world certainly does not revolve around our looks.

There is no need to change who we are, and although appearances are certainly not the foundation of our personality, they are important. So, why not give in to a little pampering? Let’s not give up the search for the perfect stylist, the sky-high stilettos or the perfect shade of lipstick that will exemplify our personal taste and sense of self. Confidence is the key, and if that’s superficial, well, so be it.

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