100 Heroes of the World

Posted on September 07, 2016, 8:24 pm
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As baby entered the world eager to make their impact, without worrying about the influence that the world would have on them, they simply knew that they were called to a greater purpose, So they started to play their important role as soon as they made their first cry; however, the outside world would do its best to stop them on their track, some would fall short of their purpose others would pressed on, budging all attacks, crossing all barriers, defying all battles to become what we at beautiful people magazine call Heroes of the world.

Heroes are those that stand strong in the face of adversity, those that have the amazing will of self-sacrifice. They stand for those who are too weak to stand on their own; they lend a hand to those who cannot make it on their own; they defend the rights of the innocent. They are the reasons behind everything that we are enjoying in today society, their works, sacrifices and their will to go above and beyond for the sake of their generation and for generations to come.

As we all know, extraordinary things are mostly the acts of unselfish individuals who have dedicated their lives to be of service to others by giving their time, their talents, their ideas, their inventions, and their wealth; Their selfless acts made a difference in the world every single day; unfortunately, so often these acts of greatness go unnoticed by the world. Inside each community there were different heroes that made it their solemn duty to make a difference, by fighting crime, by organizing neighborhood watch, by cleaning streets; their work with neighborhood children, creating after school activities and summer camp. They made a different day in and day out in those kids lives, There are so many testimonies of children that lives were saved due to one of those community heroes.

Also they are those heroes that the world met when they became famous due to their talents or their families affluence, but they altruistically used their fame and wealth for the good of others domestically and internationally; but oftentimes the world remembers these people for their talents and their wealth, but not for their greatest acts of philanthropy. If we could talk to each and every one of them today, we are sure that they would want to be remembered for what was dear to their hearts: the life of the common man they touched and changed, the kids that became world’s changers because of how they affected those kids lives way back when, in those communities outreach programs that they created or took part in.

The sick person that was healed because of their donations to different health care systems, the formerly homeless that now have a roof over their heads due to the houses that they helped build, the races that are for the most part no longer divided because they were not afraid to stand against discrimination. They would want to be remembered for making dreams into the realities that so many of us are blessed to live in today.

We, at Beautiful People Magazine want to be the voice of the unspoken; we will periodically recognize those great men and women who have made a difference in the world. Their names and sacrifices will forever hold a place, not only in history, but in the memories of our hearts, even though they are no longer here with us they will live on as the world’s greatest heroes.